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For a bit more money, and at

the expense of practicality,

the affordable sports car

buyer is advised to take a

look at the Toyota 86. The

86 combines a 200hp 2.0-

litre flat-four engine with a

lightweight, rear-wheel-drive

chassis, elegant curves and

an aerodynamic bona fides.

All of which pays off — the

car feels very stable in

the corners, with minimal

body roll and appreciable

driver feedback. It does

the 0-100kph sprint in a

respectable 7.6 seconds but

falls a bit short in the traction

department, as the car is

fairly tail-happy compared to

the more rarified sports car

competition. But, that can

make it exciting to drive.


If you really want to cultivate your

inner rebel on a budget, how about

a Chevrolet Silverado? Nothing

says, “I’m playing by a different

set of rules” more than a pickup

truck in Dubai, at least if you can’t

afford a Bugatti. The Silverado

packs a 4.3L V6 providing 285hp,

and a tonne of hauling capacity,

assuming you’re ferrying pretty

much anything other than people.

Still, maybe you’re a loner, or just

have the spouse or one good friend

to tote about— or maybe your best

friend has a Bugatti and therefore

does all the driving. Either way, the

Silverado is a solid vehicle for not

too much money.


Looking for proof that an affordable

car with very good fuel economy

can be both fun to drive and good

looking? Look no further than the

3, Mazda’s very capable compact

hatchback, also available as a saloon.

The car produces a healthy 155hp

from its 2.0-litre four-pot. For a bit

more dosh, you can option the 184hp

2.5-litre engine and, if you’re the type

of driver who still loves a manual

transmission, Mazda’s six-speed stick

is highly recommended. Or, opt for

the six-speed auto. Inside the cabin

it can be a little loud, but it’s not that

intrusive when you’re caning the car

through some winding back road with

no one around.


Not interested in crossovers,

but looking for comfort and

practicality? The Toyota Camry

may just be the car for you. The

Camry is the kind of car that

lets people know you make safe

choices. Slap a set of those blue

foam door protectors on this bad

boy and you’ve got a Dubai icon, of

sorts. The Camry pairs middle of

the road styling with good interior

space, admirable fuel economy,

legendary reliability and an extra-

large boot. Sometimes the goal is

simply to blend in, and save a few

bucks, hopefully while driving a

comfortable car that won’t make

you nuts.


Looking for a fun, affordable off-road vehicle in which

to capitalise on the desert lifestyle? The Jeep Wrangler

is the original go-anywhere whip. With excellent

performance on sand or rock, the Wrangler’s 3.6L V6

has 285hp and 352Nm of torque to pull you up and over

the tricky bits. Don’t expect any of the bells and whistles

you’d get with fancier 4WD SUVs these days, but it offers

a lot of dune-bashing power for a nice price. Sure, the

interior is utilitarian at best and there’s not much room

in back — but then, if you’re nostalgic about the Jeep

marque, none of those things matter.