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One of the world’s largest

gold and diamond jewellery


, Malabar Gold &




million to Al Jalila Foundation

to support research in genetic

diseases and disorders, as

part of the company’s strong

CSR initiatives.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

operation is spread across nine

countries. As a CSR strategy,

it gives 5 per cent of earnings

from the business back to

society. In the UAE, as the basic

necessities are taken care of by

the government, the group sees

that the need is in the field of

medical research.

The contribution for research

will ultimately reach the entire

world, particularly developing

countries as the genetic

diseases are more severe

in these countries. Genetic

diseases and disorders, coupled

with rare diseases are a major

cause of concern for mankind.

More than 350 million people

— that is more than the total

population of the Middle

East and higher than the US

population — suffer from rare

diseases, 80 per cent of which

are linked to genetic disorders.

According to Globalgenes.

org, 80 per cent of rare diseases

are genetic in origin, and thus

are present throughout a

person’s life, even if symptoms

do not immediately appear.

“Approximately 50 per cent

of the people affected by rare

diseases are children and 30

per cent of children with rare

disease will not live to see their

fifth birthday. These diseases

are responsible for 35 per cent

of deaths in the first year of

life,” the website says.

M.P. Ahammed, Chairman

of Malabar Group, handed a

Retailer’s contribution to research into genetic diseases is part of its CSR goal of caring

and sharing with the people of the UAE

The funding will support research into diseases that affect over 350 million people

Malabar Gold&Diamonds donates

Dh10million toAl Jalila Foundation

cheque of Dh10 million to the

Board of Trustees of Al Jalila

Foundation at a ceremony.

“It gives me immense

pleasure to announce our

small and humble contribution

of Dh10 million to Al Jalila




research in genetic diseases

and disorders in the UAE — a

nation that has developed so

much in such a short time,”

said Ahammed. “The move

reflects our gratitude to the

UAE — a great nation blessed

with visionary leadership.

As a major retailer in gold




Malabar Gold & Diamonds

has benefitted from the world-

class infrastructure, ease in

doing business and safety

and security provided by the

government of the UAE.”





M. P. Ahammed, Chairman — Malabar Group, hands over Malabar Gold & Diamonds’ contribution to Dr Raja Easa Al Gurg, Chairperson of the Board of Directors

and Member of the Board of Trustees of Al Jalila Foundation in the presence of Dr Abdulkareem Sultan Al Olama, CEO of Al Jalila Foundation; Dr P. A. Ibrahim Haji,

Co-Chairman — Malabar Group; Shamlal Ahamed, Managing Director — International Operations, Malabar Gold & Diamonds; and K. P. Abdul Salam, Group Executive

Director — Malabar Group